Electric cordless neck massager


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Electric cordless neck massager




1. The Electric cordless neck massager with TENS+EMS double pulse technology, deeply massage the muscles, relax the cervical spine, relieve neck fatigue, and effectively improve various neck problems such as shoulder and neck strain, pain, soreness, stiffness and discomfort.

2. Three-level constant temperature hot compress (42/47/52℃) can effectively promote blood circulation, unclog blood vessels, relieve neck pain, and relieve cervical spine pressure.

3. 4 massage modes, 9 adjustable intensity, you can freely adjust according to your personal tolerance and preferences.

4. Small and light body, pendant-style innovative design, comfortable to wear, easy to carry, enjoy comfortable massage anytime, anywhere.

5. The ergonomically designed electrode pads conform 270° to the curves of various parts of the body, such as legs, arms, shoulders and neck.



Material: ABS

Color: silver

Weight: 0.22kg

Packing size: 19.2*14*4cm

Rated voltage (V): 5v/1A

Net state current: below 1uA

Rated power (W): 5W

Battery capacity: 550Ah

The neck massager Packing List:


Neck Massager x 1

USB Charging Cable x 1

English User Manual x 1


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