Wood Therapy Massage Tools


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Wood Therapy Massage Tools

The Wood Therapy Massage Tools Features are :

1. Made of natural rubber wood, handmade, smooth edges, strong and durable, do not hurt the skin.

2. The long handle design is ergonomic, easy to hold and easy to use.

3. It can be used for whole body scraping and massage, which has the effect of relaxing the body, relieving stress and dredging the meridians.

4. Suitable for massaging multiple parts of the body, such as legs, arms, waist, neck, back, etc.

How to use: Apply a solid or liquid massage oil to the body part that needs to be massaged, then move it back and forth with the massage cup to keep the body relaxed. It only takes a few minutes to achieve a relaxing effect on the body.


Material: Rubber wood
Color: Wood color

Weight 1 kg


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